Alexandru Huțu: Losing Everything

When asked to choose a handful of items that they would save if their house caught fire, the vast majority of people would have an incredibly hard time coming up with a list. That is because people are emotionally attached to their belongings, most of which can, in fact, be replaced quite easily. One of my goals in the last year or so, after reading a book on Buddhism, was to be able to control my attachment to the things I own before they started owning me.

The only things I would actually miss are photographs of special moments in my life and pieces of my own work as an amateur photographer. Some might argue that the events captured in photographs are less important than the actual memories you have of those events, but I value my photographs too much to let them go. Since these are all securely backed up, there’s no reason for me to feel any sort of attachment towards my computer, phone or camera collection; to my apartment as a whole. All my physical belongings can be replaced if need be.

This is insanely liberating. My apartment could blow up while I’m at school tomorrow and I wouldn’t mind all that much. I don’t live in constant fear of losing or breaking some of my possessions, because they are not what is important for me. This was my choice. I chose to let go, to not develop irrational feelings towards lifeless objects, and it makes life a lot better. I suggest you try and do the same.

Losing everything you own would not the end of the world. If something, it would be a fresh start most of us truly require.

Note: Check out this website to see what people would save from a burning house. Also, this is the Reddit post that inspired me to write this blog article.