Alexandru Huțu: Extremes

My lifestyle principles are constantly changing and developing into fuller, more complex concepts, but most of them circle around anti-consumerism and simple living. This consistent evolution is a never-ending journey and the only way to tangible growth, but it is extremely easy to derail or get lost in the details.

While trying to own the bare minimum that would allow me to live comfortably, I found that sometimes I go too far—I might feel bad about purchasing an item that would actually bring improvements to my life or, at the other end of the spectrum, I might end up relapsing and look for things to add to my Amazon wish list or binge-browse my Instagram feed. Going into extremes could cause harm; mainly, it might make you feel as if you’ve failed in your quest to a zen-like zero-distraction life. But you have to use these outbursts—if they can be called that—to your advantage. Find out what leads you into these extremes and, slowly but surely, you will be able to avoid making the same mistakes.

No one can become a minimalist in the blink of an eye. This drastic lifestyle change requires you to gradually rebuild your mindset from the ground up and it most certainly is a lengthy process. Approaching it calmly and in small doses might be the best action plan to ensure that your new lifestyle will be feasible in the long run and hitting a couple of slumps every now and then will only improve your resilience and ability to strengthen some vital principles you will need throughout your journey.