Alexandru Huțu: Curating

Many people, minimalists and full-on consumerists alike, enjoy collecting various items. Some like collecting stamps, others have huge numismatic collections, and the more select bunch have rock collections. I, for example, collect vinyl records, fountain pens and old cameras. Having a minimalist collection is entirely possible, as being a minimalist does not mean throwing out all but 100 objects you own, it means throwing out the unnecessary to be able to focus on what’s important and to have a clearer mind.

There are people who collect stuff just for the sake of collecting, and that I consider to be borderline hoarding. You should only keep collections if you are very passionate about the subject and/or you use the items on a regular basis.

If you decide you have room in your life for a collection, then you need to curate it unforgivingly. Otherwise, you’ll end up having countless paraphernalia that will become a burden. Apply to your collections the same mentality you use when deciding which objects are worth keeping when decluttering a desk drawer or a cupboard in your kitchen.

Having a well-curated collection will only make the items you are collecting more appealing, as they will stand out, free of clutter or distractions.